Cherkassy region contains 5% sunflower acreage and 7% soybean acreage in Ukraine. In addition to Cherkassy region, raw materials can be purchased, if necessary, in neighboring regions. In general, the total annual supply of soybeans in the region fluctuates at the level of 240 thousand tons, with a processing capacity of 198 thousand tons per year.

Soybean acreage location
Harvest in the region (thousand tons)
Main soybean processing enterprises






Processing complex

In 2016/17 MY industrial processing of soybeans in Ukraine can reach 2 - 2.3 million tons, which is by 80% higher than in the previous year. In general, the share of domestic consumption in the distribution of Ukrainian soybean is 30% on average; remaining 70% relate to export.


The leader among the soybean processors in September-January 2016/17 MY is Astarta-Kiev agro-industrial holding. The company accounts for about 24.6% total soybean oil production and 27.5% soybean meal/cake production in Ukraine.

TOP-5 processors of soybeans:


The largest exporters of soybeans in September-January 2016/17 MY are companies ADM and Kernel, which together account for 14.31% of all supplies.

TOP-5 soybean exporters in September-January 2016/17 MY are:

1. ADM — 8,06%;

2. Kernel — 6,25%;

3. NIBULON — 6,23%;

4. Khlibne mistse — 4,33%; 

5. Bunge Ukraine — 4,12%.

At the same time, the largest exporter of soybean oil is MHP (22.4%). Astarta-Kiev agro-industrial holding is the leader in soybean meal/cake supplies (34.09%) to foreign markets.


The total volume of soybeans export in September-January 2016/17 MY by 40% exceeded the indicator for the same period of the previous season. Soybean oil exports also increased (+4%), while external supplies of soybean meal/cake increased by 10%. The main external consumers of Ukrainian soybeans since the beginning of 2016/17 MY are Turkey and Egypt, as for soybean oil - Poland and India. Soy meal/cake of Ukrainian origin is imported mainly by Hungary, Belarus, France and Georgia.

Main enterprises on oilseeds processing in Ukraine

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Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine, APK-Inform, Ukroliaprom