Cherkassy region contains 5% sunflower acreage and 7% soybean acreage in Ukraine. In addition to Cherkassy region, raw materials can be purchased, if necessary, in neighboring regions. In general, the total annual supply of soybeans in the region fluctuates at the level of 240 thousand tons, with a processing capacity of 198 thousand tons per year.

High profitability of soybean cultivation explains the significant sowing increase of this crop in Ukraine. The most favorable for the cultivation of soybean are the central regions of the country, which are located in the forest-steppe zone: Vinnitsa, Kiev, Poltava, Cherkassy, Khmelnitsky and Kirovograd regions. Soybean requires a warm and humid climate, and it is sensitive to drought.

Today, "after the finish" of 2015-2016 marketing year, we can state that the production volumes of the main oilseeds and their processing products show a significant growth, which invariably leads to increase of the country's export potential. For example, according to the calculations of APK-Inform, the total storage capacity of Ukrainian stations dealing with vegetable oil shipment will increase from 0.85 million to 0.95 million tons this season. Focus on export is the main feature of the industry; today 13% of all Ukrainian exports refer to vegetable oils. Starting from 2005, oil-bearing seeds processing capacities increase annually, on average, by 1 million tons.